Fly S.A. Wise

South Africa is a land rich in heritage and culture. A country which offers miles of unfettered bush teaming with wildlife and colourful cityscapes drenched in history and ethnicity. Enjoying the best of both worlds is made possible with Fly South Africa Wise (Fly S.A Wise). With a safe helicopter charter service you can flit from viewing the big seven to experiencing South Africa’s best kept secrets captured in the heart of township life.

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Fly S.A. Wise charters operated by Capital Air, offers personalised helicopter charter services that are safe,flexible and affordable. Utilising the unique benefits of helicopter transport will assist any business or private individual, save time or make an impression by allowing quick accessibility between locations.

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With Fly S.A. Wise, the unique travel requirements of every client are carefully considered and each charter is planned accordingly. Not only do we get you to your destination with timeous style, but we also arrange your specific accommodation as well.


  • Corporate events and meetings
  • Day charters
  • Scenic flips
  • Weddings and special events
  • Aerial photography and cinematography requirements
  • Game Viewing
  • International Flights (Both helicopters and fixed wings)


Make the most of any occassion, whether you require long distance. International flights to any of South Africa's neighbouring countries or a simple air transfer to one of the country's nine provincesfor business or recreation.